Remember yesterday's soulful early spring? LOL.

Today, schools and most of the airports are closed, people aren't leaving their homes, and snow's accumulating faster than rats in the new Second Avenue Subway.

Time for delivery!

If you're choosing to make another human being traverse the frozen wasteland for your lunch or dinner today, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Throw money at delivery folks. Not literally, of course, but you're paying for the incredible convenience of not having to venture into Hoth. Calculate the amount for a proper 20% tip—then add on multiple extra dollars.
  • Tip in cash. Damn The Man, save the empire!
  • Have a little—nay, a lot of—patience. It's not just that the entire city will be Thinking Delivery, they don't make chains for bicycle tires, meaning some serious leg work involved to clear a path. It's gonna take a lot longer than usual. Deal with it.
  • Tolerate the tepid soup. On that patience point, did you notice that with the piles of fluffy white stuff also comes frigid temps? If your food arrives cold, chillax. That's why baby Jesus gave us microwaves.
  • Consider meeting them at your building's front door. Time = money, and the time spent hauling stuff up your fifth floor walkup could be better spent on their way to the next drop off. Plus, bike parking can be tough in a foot high snowdrift. Do these folks, and yourself, a favor by going downstairs to meet them. The city is your gym!

And remember to say thank you. It's not as good as a hug, but a sincere thank you should be part of your repertoire regardless of the weather.