There are some things in this world that just belong together, like Jay and Bey, bros and brunch and, of course, milk and cookies. To that end, Nestle's Nesquik and the Girl Scouts of the USA have formed a sweet alliance, debuting Thin Mint and Caramel Coconut (Samoa)-flavored Nesquik drinks. Now, even after years of indulgence have rotted away your teeth, you'll still be able to taste Girl Scout Cookies.

The flavored milks may not have that satisfying cookie crunch, but they're actually a more diet-friendly way to satisfy that sweet tooth. Regular Thin Mint cookies run 160 calories for four cookies and Samoas a startling 140 calories for just two cookies; which, let's be honest, nobody's eating just two cookies. The milks, however, run about 300 calories a bottle; not gonna help you squeeze into those skinny jeans but at least you know you'll stop when the bottle empties. Probably.

The milk is on the shelves at local markets, grocery stores and pharmacy-type places. According to Thrillist, it runs $1.99 per bottle—that's less than a box of cookies!—and will be available until December or the hordes empty the shelves.