Police are searching for four thieves who tried to rob a 7-Eleven in New Jersey Friday morning. And though they didn't pull off stealing the store's ATM machine as they had hoped, they did leave a mark—by leaving the clerk in the freezer.

The first two gunmen came into the Burlington store around 4 a.m. Friday wearing ski masks, and forced the clerk into the freezer. "They bind his hands and legs with duct tape and force him to the ground in the cooler. Those two initial suspects stay in the cooler with him," said Det. John Hinshillwood of the Moorestown Police (you can see video of the robbery here). The other two suspects then came into the store with a hand truck and tried to dislodge the ATM near the front window.

When they couldn't get it, they had to settle for the frozen clerk's wallet, which had about $400 in it. The clerk, who was unharmed in the robbery, was eventually able to free himself and called 911. This definitely seems like a scenario Apu has faced before.