The service industry is hard enough to navigate without people stealing your hard earned money almost literally out of your pocket. But that happens too, sadly. Sometimes your bosses are the ones accused of doing it, but today's case of server mistreatment comes courtesy of a man caught on video stealing cash left on a table to pay a bill at a restaurant in Queens. Just another piece of evidence that the customer is always wrong.

Surveillance camera caught the heartless fiend allegedly stealing money left to pay a $42 bill (+ tip!) at Maspeth restaurant O'Neill's early on Sunday morning. O'Neill's then posted the video to Facebook, where it's racked up hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of angry comments:

None of the commenters have been able to identify the thief, and no arrests have been made. Owner George O'Neill told CBS that he covered the bill for the waitress, but he's worried if the tip thief isn't caught, he'll just steal more money off tables.