These Pokémon Pecha Berry Donuts Will Cure You Of Poison

Dashed Arrow Nell Casey/Gothamist

Whether you're trying to ignore the whole Pokémon Go thing, trying to make a living off of it, or proposing super necessary legislation for it, now all you need is a sweet tooth to feel like a part of the trend. The Doughnut Plant debuted its new Pokéseed doughnut on Saturday just in time for all the nerds to realize they hadn't eaten since the game was released.

Jeff Magness, chief creative officer at Doughnut Plant, says employees suggested they make a Pokéseed doughnut when they realized all of the Doughnut Plant locations were part of the game. Chelsea, Queens and Brooklyn are Pokéstops and the Lower East Side location is a gym. Most of the employees play, though not during work hours, with one employee the leader of the LES gym.

The doughnuts are filled with strawberry and peach flavored cream, an homage to the pecha berry—which cures your injured or poisoned Pokémon—and are glazed with raspberry and white chocolate icing.

When asked if heard any stories of people throwing the Pokeseeds at actual animals, Magness said he hadn't. Missed opportunity, people!

They make a couple hundred batches a day and have increased production each day to several hundred. Lower East Side store manager Jen Chabla says they usually run out within an hour or an hour and a half.

Pokémon Go has reportedly been good for restaurant business by forcing people to leave their couches and experience the real world. Since the game and the Pokéseed doughnut came out, the Doughnut Plant saw a 10-15% increase in customers yesterday (a typically slow summer Monday) and 164% greater engagement on their Facebook page.

The doughnuts are the perfect mix of creamy and fruity and will cure you of poison. So if that's not a good reason to eat a donut, I don't know what is.

Doughnut Plant's LES location is at 379 Grand Street between Essex and Norfolk.

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