The hot dog stand operated by Claus Meyer in Grand Central Terminal typically serves Danish-inspired dogs appropriate for lunch and dinner, but now it's branching out into "Morning Dogs" filled with eggs and other breakfast staples. Unlike some other hot dogs with eggs options, there aren't any actual hot dogs in most of them. More like egg sandwich in a hot dog roll form.

The "dogs" are borough-inspired, though Staten Island doesn't get a shout out here.

There's The Manhattan with smoked salmon, pickled cucumber, horseradish, cream cheese and soft scrambled eggs. The Queens with bacon, smoked cheddar, pickled red onions, potato chips and soft scrambled eggs. The Bronx with sausages, pickled fennel, spicy ketchup, cheddar cheese and soft scrambled eggs. And The Brooklyn with avocado, pickled green tomatoes, chili, crispy onions and soft egg scrambled eggs.

What would Staten Island's look like, I wonder? A pizza option could have been fun.

The Morning Dogs are available daily until 11 a.m. and each is $6 except the Manhattan, which is $7. If Eggslut sells out again, this could be viable breakfast destination.