It may not have reached the same overhyped pinnacle as the Cronut, but for my taste buds, the Ramen Burger was definitely the more exciting food "sensation" of 2013. Creator Keizo Shimamoto has continued to expand upon his initial idea, first creating a Beef Chashu Ramen Burger—a kind of marinated shredded beef—and this weekend he had some fun with fellow Smorgasburg vendors, creating some even more tantalizing sandwiches between two noodle buns.

Yesterday on his blog, Shimamoto revealed three ramen-y sammies he made with two other Smorgasburg staples. First up, a pork belly filling from Filipino-inspired Adobo Shack, made with heritage breed pork braised in a soy sauce/vinegar mixture. Next, a little barbecue interpretation from Lonestar Empire, with moist brisket, pickles and a tangy sauce.

Shimamoto also produced his own gluttonous breakfast version oozing with cheese, runny egg and sausage links. Looks like just the thing to cure a Saturday/Sunday morning hangover. BYOB(ib).