Let's just get this out of the way first: you'll never be able to eat at this new caviar-focused Tribeca restaurant dubbed the Beluga Bar. Now that our expectations have been managed, lets take a peek behind the curtain of The Lives Of Rich People and imagine having the means to drop $395.00 on a single ounce of salty fish eggs.

Longtime caviar distributor Caviarteria had plans to open the restaurant before that pesky financial meltdown of 2008, according to an early report by Tribeca Citizen. Current owner Walter Drobenko finally saw his dream come true last year when he took over the former Silver Lining jazz bar and began plans to transform it into a swanky roe den.

The show is mostly up and running now—macaron master Francois Payard already paid a visit—though the full kitchen menu won't kick in for another few weeks. The caviar game is well underway though, with imported offerings like Kaluga Prime ($395.00 for one ounce) and Oscetra Style ($295.00 for one ounce) ready to go. American caviars are a downright steal at just $90 an ounce for American Sturgeon, $40 and ounce for Carolina Trout Roe and $30 an ounce for Alaska Salmon Roe. The restaurant also offers two, four, eight and 16 ounce servings if your budget complies.

Tribeca Citizen also reveals that a champagne-and-caviar weekend brunch is in the works when milder temperatures prevail. In the meantime, stop by when the bar opens at 5 p.m. for a glass of Grey Goose that'll set you back $18 (BARGAIN!). Teetotalers can opt for an $8 bottle of Pellegrino.

75 Murray Street, (212) 759-7410