A gourmet rice krispie treat shop exists and people are waiting outside for a fried croissant so why not an eclair bakery? That's exactly what the Lower East Side will be getting when Les Jardins de la Duchesse opens in a few weeks on Orchard Street. The new shop, which will serve a variety of both sweet and savory eclairs in the land of packed out bars.

The chef has been "working at a two Michelin stars restaurant in Switzerland for a year," according to the bakery's website, but now he's taking his talents to NYC. On the menu, eclair flavors including Salted Butter Caramel with mascarpone cream and Pistachio & Raspberry with pistachio icing and fresh raspberries. Savory varieties include a Bacon-Wrapped Goat Cheese with thyme, honey, walnuts and bacon and a Salmon & Wasabi with smoked salmon, Philadelphia cream cheese and dill with a wasabi icing and wasabi peanuts.

According to their Twitter, the shop should open sometime in the next three weeks, serving the eclairs, coffee drinks and juices. As far as the niche food shop trend goes, this sound pretty damn tasty, especially that caramel number mentioned above. The savory angle should help broaden their base a bit; perhaps a collaboration with some local mayo wouldn't be out of order.

[h/t Bedford + Bowery]