The Staten Island Expressway was plagued by a sad state of affairs for drivers and tropical fruit lovers this morning when a tractor-trailer full of pineapples overturned, dumping a sea of Jimmy Buffett's beloved drink ingredient all over the highway.

The FDNY tells us that at 5:43 a.m., a tractor-trailer and a car collided near the Slosson Ave exit, with one man transported to Staten Island University Hospital with minor injuries. Though officials were unable to confirm whether or not pineapples were involved in this incident, the Staten Island Advance reports that the tractor-trailer was in fact carrying pineapples. It and its contents overturned, shutting down the eastbound lanes.

The Pineapple Expressway finally reopened sometime before noon, though not before leaving a slew of unlucky drivers trapped in gridlocked traffic stretching from the West Shore Expressway to the Slosson Avenue exit:

On the bright side, travelers were treated to a once-in-a-lifetime rubbernecking experience.

The SI Advance reports that the tractor-trailer was still waiting to be towed as of 1 p.m. and delays still persist on the Expressway, with nearby service roads clogged as well. S61 and S62 express bus service to and from Staten Island has also resumed with delays.

It is unclear what happened to all the pineapples.