If powdered vegetable additions weren't enough to turn you off of fluorescent Kraft mac products, perhaps biting into some metal shards will? The company has issued a massive recall of its boxed macaroni & cheese dinners because the boxes "may contain small pieces of metal." That's one way to increase iron in your diet.

The company has voluntarily recalled around 242,000 cases of their Original Flavor mac products in the 7.25 ounce boxes. The boxes bear "'Best When Used By' dates of September 18, 2015 through October 11, 2015, with the code "C2" directly below the date on each individual box." These boxes were sold as single boxes, 3-packs and 4- and 5-pack shrink-wrapped sets. So far, eight people have reported finding the metal shards in their dinner, though no injuries—other than Kraft's pride—have been reported.

Though some of us are deeply devoted to Kraft's contribution to the world of processed noodles, there are definitely better boxed options on the market for lazy meals. Better yet, skip the powdered cheese and get the real damn thing like a grown up.