Photo by Jen Carlson/Gothamist

[UPDATE BELOW DREAMS COME TRUE!]Shhh, it's story time. In the latter half of the 1990s, bands like Third Eye Blind, Fatboy Slim, and Destiny's Child were replacing grunge on the airwaves, Friends was on the television, your cell phone was bigger or non-existent, Y2K panic was lurking in the air, and I... I was living on the beautiful sandy shores of Rhode Island, where I attended college.

During my time in Rhode Island, I fell in love with many things, because that is the nature of youth: there was Narragansett (and its beer), Louis' egg sandwich, the cheap rent for off-season beach houses, Bess Eaton coffee (RIP), and Del's Frozen Lemonade, to name a few. My boyfriend at the time worked on a Del's truck to earn some extra cash, so I was swimming in the stuff. Sometimes I would request vodka in mine (and off-menu option), but even a virgin Del's Frozen Lemonade is something to cherish, and in Rhode Island Del's is tradition (my Rhode Island-born and bred friends even had a truck at their wedding).

Each cup has the exact right amount of real lemon zest, perfectly slushed ice (not too soft, not too hard), and a not-too-sweet lemony taste (there are other flavors, but always get lemon). So last night when I was walking in DUMBO, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this Del's Frozen Lemonade truck.

Is this real? Am I dreaming? Has my nostalgia "problem" finally transferred me over in to some new world where I'm now just going to think I see shit from my past? That would be awesome. But this thing was real, I touched it.

But was it really real? I reached out to Del's, who have not responded yet—their website says there are no franchises in New York, but there is a store in Bay Ridge that may sell the stuff. I also reached out to the people at the address painted on the side of the truck... but considering they are part of this loft commune the NY Times recently wrote about, things don't seem promising. For now, we're going with: cruel art project. But if Del's NYC turns out to be a real thing, I will update you. Every day. Forever.


VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Del's NYC truck will be running THIS WEEKEND. They say, "Waiting to hear if we'll be taking part in the 9th Ave Food Festival this weekend. If not, you can find us by Brooklyn Bridge Park."