Some prophesies are bogus, but not ones emanating from the almighty flapjack oracle IHOP, who last December promised to open 24 stores in New York City in addition to their soul-food slinging location in Harlem. And lookee here: an EVGrieve reader spotted this budding IHOP on 235 E. 14th Street in the East Village. The only rub (besides their Country Fried Steak that's rubbed in that warm country gravy!) is that their website soliciting future employees ( doesn't seem to be working. Their servers must be crashed from the glut of applicants!

New York City is a town of many tastes, but why go anywhere else when you're blind drunk at 3 a.m. and need to be around other drunk people, and that one elderly couple from Milwaukee who's been nursing their coffee for like, an hour. Our personal favorite is the Stuffed French Toast Combo, with "Cinnamon raisin French toast with a sweet cream filling" served with two eggs, hash browns, and two sausage links. That filling tickles your chest like the cold touch of your cardiologists' stethoscope.