Claus Meyer, the godfather of the New Nordic Cuisine movement who's taking over Grand Central Terminal in a big way, has opened another avenue in his fleet of new eateries at the historic transportation hub. The gist: he's hawking $8 hot dogs at a walk-up stand adjacent to his new fine dining restaurant Agern next to Vanderbilt Hall.

The dogs are custom-made sausages cooked on a griddle, according to the Times, served on whole grain buns with lots of toppings. The cheapest option, by $1, is the Great Dane ($7), a pork-and-beef hot dog topped with spiced ketchup, remoulade, mustard, white onion, pickled cucumber and crispy shallots. There's another made with chicken (Hen Hound, $8), topped with tarragon mayo, apple-horseradish ketchup, green tomato relish, white cabbage and watercress.

The dogs sound even more overwrought than Crif Dogs's most bonkers creation. Eater's senior critic Robert Sietsema didn't find much to love aside from some interesting toppings combinations. "How did the pig skin get so white? And how did all the toppings manage to resolve themselves into a squishy white mass nearly devoid of flavor?" he questions of one creation. "The sausage, too, is unyielding and rubbery. Still, as a failed experiment in taste and texture, this heap of ingredients holds some interest."