Contemporary cocktail spots often adopt the "book" method for their menus, giving patrons a wide overview of their cocktail, spirit and other drinking options. The book at newly-opened Library of Distilled Spirits is a tome literally called the "Encyclopedia." Settle in for some not-so-light reading.

The bar's a team up between APICII and Employee's Only Dushan Zaric with Kyle Tran (from Chicago's The Aviary) coming on as beverage director. In addition to studying the encyclopedia, guests can peep the collection of alcohols in a "16-by-20-foot floor-to-ceiling library wall" where the bottles are displayed and illuminated. Cocktails—which number in the hundreds—are painstakingly described down to the last detail and other books dedicated to cocktails and alcohol are on-hand for further education.

The adjacent restaurant, Bowery Road, is also open and includes cocktails designed by Tran. Locanda Verde vet Ron Rosselli created some familiar and comfort food classic-type dishes including a riff on Outback Steakhouse with a "Bloomin' Mushrom," Brisket "Pastrami," a Jerk Chicken Sandwich, Amish Beer Can Chicken and a loaded Crispy Baked Potato with french onion cream, bacon and chives.

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Bowery Road Dinner Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd

Library of Distilled Spirits Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd