The drama continues at Midtown's famed Carnegie Deli with new accusations by longtime owner Marian Levine against husband Sandy Levine and his alleged mistress Penkae Siricharoen. Levine was already suing her husband for an alleged affair carried on in a cosy love nest above the restaurant. Now new allegations have come to light that Levine also shared family recipes with his mistress and gave her relatives a behind-the-scenes tour of a New Jersey plant where the meat curing and cheesecake baking takes place.

Soon after, the relatives returned to Thailand to open Carnegie Deli Thailand in Bangkok, which was later renamed New York Cheese Cake, selling similar items to those on offer at the New York original. On top of the stolen recipes and unsanctioned restaurant, Levine also received a voicemail telling her that Siricharoen had been stealing merchandise from the restaurant and sending it on to Thailand. "The last order they took out was about $5,000 worth of merchandise for which there is no invoice," the tipster claimed.

Levine plans to file more lawsuits against the lovebirds in addition to the suit regarding back rent in the apartment Siricharoen occupied above the restaurant. For more details about the insanity, read the full report in the Post, which includes fake engagements rings, a $600,000 house in Queens and an argument about lettuce.