2005_12_food_slowfood.JPGIt's not even "Chriskwanzakah" yet, and already Gothamist is onto New Year's Eve. Yes, yes, champagne is on the brain, but even more so - those pesky resolutions.

We've officially given up on the "losing weight" resolution. We know better. Every January local gyms, Weight Watcher's meetings and health food aisles seem to be jam-packed with New Yorkers, swearing that this year is the year that they'll become lean and mean. Certainly an admirable goal, but might we suggest another one: become a foodie.

Now, you might be shaking your head thinking that this is shockingly at the wrong end of the resolution spectrum. We disagree.

For example, a membership to Slow Food isn't necessarily about gluttony as much as flavor, community, culture, sustainable agriculture and authentic chow. (Don't those all sound like positives?) This international non-profit organization was started almost 20 years ago in protest to the opening of a McDonald's near the Spanish Steps in Rome. Its U.S. headquarters is based in Brooklyn's DUMBO, and its New York chapter offers scads of classes, seminars and culinary educational opportunities - free or at discount for members.

Not bad for $60 a year. You'll also receive their quarterly magazine and newsletter as seasonal reading fare. Throw in a daily dose of the free food-oriented editorial offerings on Gothamist and you'll be well on your way to becoming a bonafide foodie.

And, heck, at that price you might still have enough moolah left over to renew your membership to gym too. (What can we say? Old resolutions die hard.)