There are street eats, and then there are street eats. And when it comes to the latter—those random pieces of food left on random surfaces across the city, the kind of foods even a freegan would likely shun—we have a new favorite website: Street Tucker. Because sometimes you want to stave off your lunch hunger a little longer, and for those times a picture is worth a thousand words.

The gist of the Wordpress is simple: The blog's author (and friends) spot some food on the street, take a picture, and post it. And voila! now you get to enjoy (without smelling) the sight of "Sidewalk Fettuccine and Shrimp 1st Avenue," "Giant Roasted Sweet Potato on Avenue A," "Blueberries on E13th Street," and "Pizza and Salad At Lorimer and Grand." To name just a few delicacies on view.

But maybe we lied about the freegans, because those Tompkins Square Park cinnamon rolls look kinda good?