In April, a little shop serving organic toasts, smoothies and salads enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame. Why? Every dish on the menu was centered around avocados. Avocaderia owners Alessandro Biggi, Francesco Brachetti and Alberto Gramigni dubbed their creation the "world's first avocado bar." It was an instant hit.

Biggi says the reception has been "unbelievable," with lines out the door nearly every week day since the restaurant opened.

"To be entirely honest, we had no idea that we would become so popular this quickly! We always anticipated that people would come to Avocaderia but never imagined that these kind of crowds would be turning up," Biggi told Gothamist. "We have customers from the local area and around NYC, and we have tourists coming in every day from abroad that take the train to Sunset Park just to eat at our bar."

At present, the restaurant blows through 25 cases—that's 650 pounds—of avocados every week. They're launching weekends soon, too, beginning with Saturdays on May 13th and eventually Sundays later in the month. The team anticipates upping their order to 40 cases. It's a lesson in inventory hard learned: the cafe ran out of avocados their first day in business.

Those closely following the avocado crisis might be rightfully concerned about the sustainability of this venture. But the trio claim they source their avocados from "a consortium of local farmers" in Mexico who treat both their workers and the environment with respect.

The most popular dishes, according to Biggi, have been the Mediterranean Toast and the Avoburger, a pescatarian offering made with smoked salmon and a "bun" made out of a halved avocado. Most of the dishes happen to be quite photogenic, too, which Biggi says was an intentional part of their plan.

"Our dishes are also carefully crafted and look stunning, which makes them an Instagram favorite for nearly everyone that walks through our doors," he says. No shocker there.

Avocaderia is located at the Industry City Food Hall, 254 36th Street, Brooklyn. (