You're never going to get into the penthouse of the Woolworth Building (ever), so the next best thing will be to drink inside its storied neo-Gothic interior...on the ground floor. A new bar, The Wooly Public, opens tonight inside the historic downtown building, with Death & Co. and Maison Premiere vets running the drinks and food, respectively.

The Woolworth building's had a fancy, private bar/event space—further cementing its exclusive status— called The Wooly since 2009, but now the public can get into the building beyond the occasional lobby tour. Once there, it's a game of spot the wooly mammoth artwork (not going to be difficult) while trying out Eryn Reece's cocktails, divided into classic cocktails ("Old Souls") and innovative ("New Editions"). From the latter, the Woolynesia ($15) combines Greenhook Ginsmiths Old Tom Gin, Ancho Verde, Aperol, Passion Fruit, Lime Cinnamon, Ginger and Giffard Peche de Vigne and arrives in cute little mammoth-shaped mugs.

The prices for Jeff Srole's food are pretty egalitarian as far as destination dining inside a famous building can be. A $12 Public Burger comes with two patties, cheese and fries on the side, and even the pricier Private Burger with dry-aged beef, applewood smoked cheddar and pickles is only $19, hardly the spendiest of the fancy burgers.

Channel the spirits with a round of Ouija—board games are built into tables with pieces available to borrow—and snack on some pimento cheese-stuffed fried olives ($9), Peking Duck Tots with house queso ($15), or Frogs Legs with tartar sauce ($12), a throwback to the Woolworth's original 1913 restaurant.

The Wooly Public is located inside the Woolworth Building at 233 Broadway, 212-571-2930;

The Wooly Daytime Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd

The Wooly Evening Bar Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd