Earlier today a patron of the new Williamsburg Whole Foods (home to the city's largest wall of La Croix) discovered a cake in the bakery section in the shape and design of a La Croix box. A photo was Tweeted. Hundreds of people "liked" it. And we immediately sent two members of the Gothamist team to procure the cake. "Take an Uber, there's no time!"

Gothamist's supermarket bakery correspondents Scott Heins and Sarah Aziza arrived at the Whole Foods around 1:40 p.m. and were told that the cake was not for sale, it was strictly promotional and made from pieces of other, old semi-stale cakes they were going to throw out. This was upsetting news for us, but Whole Foods really nailed this promotional, didn't they?

Our team bought a few cupcakes with the La Croix logo on top instead ($5/each).

By 1:53 p.m., after fielding questions from our team, the bakery management changed their mind: "New development," Heins reported back, "The La Croix cake is their new 'featured cake' and with 2-3 days' advance notice they will make you one for $80!" What a racket.

The cake can be custom ordered to resemble any flavor, but doesn't include any sparkling water (which is actually beneficial in baking!). It's simply dressed up to look like the La Croix box—inside you'll find vanilla cake with buttercream frosting. At the very least, they could make a coconut version, one of the more beloved—albeit polarizing—flavors on the market.