We had a lunch date down at Lucky Strike yesterday, but unfortunately, they were closed for renovations. Instead, we went across the street to Felix, a bistro on the corner of Grand and West Broadway. BIG MISTAKE. No one told us, but Felix is the home of the most polluted glass of water in lower Manhattan. The picture above shows the second glass we received after sending back the first round-- note the grime and unsettlingly large pieces of crud floating in the glass. If only we had known what Citysearch said about the place before we set out:

Decent food BUT the service was horrible. We had reservations and were seated immediately - good start. But then we were completely forgotten. Requests for drinks were repeated over and over (including water); then after waiting well over an hour we were told that they forgot to put our order in! Their desserts were limited - I mean REALLY limited to 2 items (nothing like the online menu). And then, after being treated like we were invisible, after our bill was paid for, the hostess came down on our table like a hawk and told us that we had to leave immediately as there were others waiting. Others waiting. All of a sudden we were visible and not even given the courtesy of 5 minutes to get our coats on. I wonder if those people waiting had to WAIT well over an hour for their food, too!

Oh, and it took them 35 minutes to locate the check. And the hamburgers cost $15/each.

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