"Well, I guess this is it, old pal. This is your big day."—Homer Simpson

The Fourchu Lobster (labeled the Rolls Royce of Lobster) has returned to New York City. The rare creatures—which hail from the freezing cold waters off the tiny village of Fourchu on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia—are rich and delicious, and have been compared to delicacies like Wagyu Beef and Italian White Truffles.

Not sold yet? Dorothy Cann Hamilton, founder of the International Culinary Center, says they are "without question, the very best lobsters in the world." She has been working hand-in-hand with local fishermen, "who catch these lobsters safely and sustainably, to bring this exciting opportunity to New Yorkers."

The Fourchus are currently being housed in a "lobster living room" (!) in Bushwick, and from there they are making their way into the capable hands of select chefs around the city. If you want to try one, head to L'Ecole in Manhattan, where you can get a Fourchu lobster steamed on a platter, or as a lobster roll ($18). These offerings will be available until August, at which time the Fourchus will disappear again for another year.