2006_10_michelin.jpgThat would be Michelin stars. The 2007 guide was released today, with ratings for 526 restaurants, including several newcomers from the past year. Del Posto debuts with a bang: two stars, joining the ranks of Masa, Bouley, and Daniel (Danube, which also had two stars last year, dropped down to one). All of those who earned three stars last year (Le Bernadin, per se, and Jean-Georges) held their ground with the exception of Alain Ducasse at the Essex House. According to the New York Times it "was dropped from the guide this year because it plans to close and relocate in early January."

As far as the one-stars go, 32 restaurants now carry that honor, although the list has some changes from last year. A Voce, Country, Danube, Devi, Kurumazushi, Perry Street, and Sushi of Gari were awarded a star this year, while BLT Fish, Jo Jo, March, Nobu, and Scalini were demoted. Lo Scalco, which previously held a one-star rating, closed -- Michelin stars are no guarantee of success, kids. And yes, the Spotted Pig still has its star.

You can browse the full list of starred restaurants here.