Uri Zee and Matthew Deters were busy doling out bowls of delicious, hot soup yesterday when Gothamist stopped by their stand, Soup. Temporarily stationed amongst the many shops at the Union Square Holiday Market, head over before the season ends and there's no soup for you.

Soup sign; Photo - Youngna ParkA chalkboard reading “gourmet soup” hangs against the back wall and boards are propped on nearby tables with lists of their daily specials written in multi-colored chalk. Though neither would divulge who made the soup because of the purveyor’s concerns about quality control, Zee remarked, “it’s from a famous name that is local to New York.”

Matt Deters; Photo - Youngna ParkSix varieties of hot soup are available daily at the stand from now until Christmas Eve including tomato basil, sweet corn chowder, mulligatawny, split pea, carrot ginger artichoke, and mushroom barley. $5.00 will buy you a medium sized bowl and $6.50 a large bowl; crackers are free. Though the prices may be steeper than the deli around the corner, Gothamist assures you that the soup from the secret source is well worth it.

Zee smiled and asked a customer devouring a bowl of sweet corn chowder, “how is it?” With a baby strapped around her shoulders, she smiled and answered, “Oh, it’s just perfect for me. It’s delicious and I’m on the go.” Zee turned to Gothamist and added, “It is usually so cold now -- we want to warm the customers who are shopping. People love it.”

The varieties of soup change daily and much like the food at Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack in Madison Square Park, they are only available for a limited time. Deters and Zee reported that since they opened last Friday, “we already have regular customers—people who come back every day.”

Warm up at Soup, Monday through Friday (11 a.m. – 8 p.m.) and on the weekends (10 a.m. – 7 p.m.) on Union Square South.