In the whirlwind of food mashups, perhaps you forgot about the Phumpling, the crossbreed of xiao long bao (aka soup dumplings) with pho, a Vietnamese soup packed with delicious herby flavors. Well Phumpling Co. is returning to the food scene this month with a brand new home inside Williamsburg's Artist & Fleas, the packed indoor market on North 7th Street.

Last year, the crew set up at Bushwick's open air market Shwick, but now they're hoping for a regular stay in Williamsburg on Sundays from spring to fall. For now, they have an opening date set for Sunday, April 26th and the following Sunday, May 3rd. "We've watched Williamsburg change over the years and one of the best parts is without a doubt the blossoming food culture," says co-creator Tom Nguyen. "We're thrilled to be here and think Phumpling Co will be a great addition to the neighborhood."

The dumplings are made with shredded beef and pho broth, which incorporates beef and chicken stocks, plus herbal additions like star anise, onion, cilantro and other super flavorful ingredients. They're then topped with basil and squirts of both sriracha and hoisin.

There are also plans to expand their offerings beyond their humorously-named dumplings, but for now they're staying quiet on the details. Last year, partner Ceasar Saingchin told us the team had tested out "Pho Burgers, Pho French Dip, Pho Crostinis" and other kinds of pho-related treats. Phonuts?