Rocco's 22nd Street

Last night, Rocco DiSpirito's reality show, The Restaurant, premiered and the Times' food critic William Grimes reviewed the show in the weekend's Arts & Leisure section. (Gothamist is curious if one of the TV critics Alessandra Stanley or Julie Salomon or even Caryn James - who we haven't seen much of lately - will be reviewing Rocco's On 22nd Street, the restaurant, as a restaurant then?) Biff loves the "thrilling" glimpse into what goes into making a New York restaurant buzz, but was also reminded of "the unholy alliance of creativity, money and public relations that dominates New York's restaurant economy." The LA Times on the show and Newsday on Rocco's mother, Niccolina, who was his mentor of sorts.

Go to Rocco's, without TV camera crews underfoot. We wonder if the star-hungry staff has remained.