Last month, rumors started swirling that the real, original—no, really—Ray's Pizza at 27 Prince Street was going under. At the time, a staffer swatted us off when we asked for a date, but today, the news is official: Ray's will serve its last slice this Sunday.

The impending closing was first reported by the New York Times, and manager Helen Mistretta confirmed the story when we called. She's said the situation is "too sad" to warrant a "last goodbye" party (the space is a victim of a complicated real estate battle between family members with opposing interests), and that her only special plan is to sell slices at $1.50 a pop to get rid of all the leftover flour. As for plans to reopen, Mistretta says she's looking "all over this neighborhood, but I can't find nothing." And so it goes, pizza lovers. So it goes.