Will the case for the lobster Emoji be as robust as the (successful) drive to bring cartoon dumplings to our phones? The crustacean behemoth Luke's Lobster has taken up the cause, for obvious reasons, and they're tying in a bid to make the lobster Emoji a reality with some good old fashioned bribery: free lobster rolls.

On Wednesday, the chain's latest NYC location—at 1407 Broadway between 38th and 39th Streets in the Garment District—debuts, along with a promise of free lobster rolls for the first 100 folks who show up and sign the Change.org petition started by Luke's Lobster.

"The emoji sea is filled with crab, shrimp, octopus, squid, whale, spouting whale, Blowfish (?) and even non-fish-human-deep-sea-diver! And out of the water, shrimp gets extra love with tempura!" the petition points out. "There is a large void in the shape of our favorite Maine lobster."

So far, 3,560 have signed out of a goal of 5,000.

There are 67 potential new Emojis set to be voted on by Unicode, including the lobster, a bagel, a hippo, and a sad poop. Will no one stand for the frowning pile of feces?

Luke's Lobster opens the new store tomorrow at 11 a.m.