Those seeking another outlet to sate fried chicken cravings can do so beginning tonight at The Pomeroy, a new eatery opening on a restaurant-dense stretch of Ditmars Boulevard in Astoria. In the kitchen, Bo O'Connor's frying up birds and turning out other gourmet comfort food dishes just in time for bulky sweater season. Bring on the mac n cheese, please!

O'Connor's version ($15) stuffs four kinds of cheese into a crock of shell pasta and tops the casserole with garlic breadcrumbs. Fried chicken comes in half ($16) and whole bird ($29) portions with carrot and jalapeno dipping sauces on the side. Smaller offerings include rice balls ($10) filled with porcini mushrooms and fontina, a kale and brussels sprouts salad ($14) and carrots ($6) seasoned with brown sugar and adobo.

Perhaps you'll spot O'Connor's childhood friend Lady Gaga at one of the handmade tables or at the bar, which has been fashioned from white pine salvaged from a bowling alley.

36-12 Ditmars Boulevard, 718-721-1579; website

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