Now that Trump's presidency has made the world safe for male chauvinism again, it seems like an appropriate time to bring back the Playboy Club and their famous "Bunnies" (i.e. human female servers) to NYC. What other ugly aspects of the Mad Men era will we revisit next, besides normalizing sexual assault and body shaming?

The company's bringing the Playboy Club back to Midtown at some point this year following a three decade absence, opening inside the Cachet Boutique New York hotel on 42nd Street, in a decidedly less posh area than the club's previous home on 59th street between 5th Avenue and Madison. In fact, it's situated in prime strip club territory, which might give you an indication of what they're planning.

"The alluring Playboy Bunny hostesses, waitresses and cocktail servers have a worldwide, well-deserved reputation for their style and graciousness," the press release coos. "The decor will feature elements from the sexy and sophisticated aesthetic of Playboy’s rich history integrated with the energy of New York, one of the world’s most exciting destinations."

The Club first opened in NYC in 1962, counting notable women including Debbie Harry, Lauren Hutton and feminist writer Gloria Steinem among its employees until it shuttered in 1986. There were stricter rules for Bunnies in NYC, for some reason, but for the some 25,000 Bunnies that at one time worked at clubs around the country, the dress code was the same: corsets that would "bite into your flesh, molding you and your organs into the Playboy ideal," according to one former Bunny.

By now we know there's nothing men love more than controlling women's organs.

[via Eater]