Less than three years after reopening, the storied Oak Room at the Plaza Hotel is closing, and, as in all things, brunch is the cause of the problem. Lease negotiations have broken down between the hotel and the Gindi brothers, who operate The Oak Bar and The Oak Room, where the lucrative and obnoxious "Day and Night" brunch parties have reportedly annoyed the Plaza's long-term tenants (and anyone else who has seen photos depicting the appalling behavior at these parties).

You'll recall that the hotel is also suing the Gindis, claiming that the restaurant has become a sleazy den for drugs and loud music and Lady Gaga. The Times reports that the owners objected to the music booming from the parties, and they say The Oak Room "owed more than $900,000 in back rent, had poor Zagat ratings, fared poorly in health and safety inspections and had a 'corrosive effect on the Plaza Hotel/Oak Room' brand." Three weeks ago, the Gindis gave the Plaza a 90-day notice of departure.

The hotel's objection to the parties put the Gindi brothers in an untenable situation; the Oak Room has struggled financially, but the Day and Night ragers were their one profitable enterprise, bringing in as much as $180,000 from risible rich bastards who spray champagne on each other in a sickening celebration of their depraved human waste. The Gindis also say the opening of Todd English’s restaurant, the Plaza Food Hall, has drawn a lot of business away from their place. Commenting on allegations that the Day and Night parties were "besmirching the Plaza’s good name," a lawyer for the brothers said, "The reality is, worse things go on upstairs in the Plaza than whatever went on in the Oak Room." We haven't the slightest idea what he's referring to—maybe that time Morty Seinfeld and Uncle Leo went overboard with the room service?