Most consider exercise and eating as separate entities in a symbiotic relationship; eat to fuel the body, exercise to keep the engine running smoothly. But each year since 2009, the NYC Pizza Run has challenged that idea, daring fleet footed pizza lovers to run a multi-mile distance while stopping along the way to scarf down some slices. Astonishingly, race organizers say nobody has blown chunks attempting this activity.

Well, maybe 2017 will be different, and we'll find out on Sunday, September 17th when the event returns with a brand new location this year—and even more distance to run. This year's run will move from its usual home in Tompkins Square Park to a larger, 5K course in Fort Greene Park.

"You can make the case that there are more notable pizza places in Brooklyn than anywhere else—Di Fara, Totonno's, Grimaldi's, L&B Spumoni Gardens—to name a few," founder Jason Feirman tells Gothamist. "So it only made sense that the NYC Pizza Run made it way across the East River."

Though the location and duration have changed—and there are only two pizza pit stops this year, down from three—much of the rest of the event is the same. Slices will be provided by Pizza By Cer Te and the charitable arm of the race will be a donation to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Winners of the race will get prizes like tickets to Scott's Pizza Tours and products including Giftzzas (gift kits in pizza boxes) and Pizza Pool Floats.

Tickets are officially on sale now, with discounted early bird tickets for $45 and regular tickets at $60 after early bird sells out. If you're more into sweets, mark your calendars for Saturday, October 21st, when Feirman's NYC Cupcake Run comes to Astoria Park.