Avoid the Noid! For just one week Domino's pizza has brought back the infamous Noid from the cold storage unit where old corporate mascots live out their days in peace, far from the reach of screaming children. But before you get excited for the return of crudely animated ads we hate to tell you that the Noid is only back in the form of a Facebook campaign. Still, we missed that red rascal!

“There are no plans to bring The Noid back in any commercials,” a Domino's spokesperson says, “This is purely a weeklong Facebook and social-media promotion.” So yeah, sigh. From now until August 15th the warm-pizza hating creature is starring in an 8-bit style Facebook game which in theory gives a $10 dollar Domino's gift certificate to the game's high scorer every minute (though last we checked though the game was "temporarily out of order"—just like an old arcade!). And that's it.

Still, what a world we live in that we have actual nostalgia for an animated corporate shill. And yet! The Noid is but one of many advertising characters we're happy to see back in business. We demand the return of the Quizno's spongemonkeys, Grimace's Irish Uncle O'Grimacey, Wendy from Snapple, and the Pets.com spokespuppet (even if he already got a reprieve from death by 1-800-BARNONE)! But that's us. Which mascots would you bring back (and don't say Dave Thomas from Wendy's, necromancy isn't cool—just ask the Colonel).