Mayor Bloomberg still has a few more weeks of awkward arm crossing before handing over the reigns to our new communist crime-lover. In advance of Hizzoner's final days at City Hall, the New Yorker took a nostalgic turn for their latest cover, "The Last Straw," imaging the mayor gazing wistfully upon his former empire as he descends into the subway, Big Gulp in hand.

"I remember eating lunch at the taco kiosk near City Hall, and I had this vision of Bloomberg leaving the building for the last time and getting on the subway," artist Adrian Tomine explained to the magazine. "I know that won't actually happen 'til January but it just seemed like such a turning point, a poignant moment for a guy who basically changed the rules so that he could stay in office longer."


The autumnal scene also depicts the mayor sipping a giant soda, a nod to his greatest nannying failure—though de Blasio has said he'll continue where Bloomberg left off on that issue. The illustration evokes a softer side of Bloomberg, one we don't often see between the grouchy retorts and dogmatic devotion to stop and frisk. Will Bloomberg emerge from his post-mayoral stint as the gentler, more thoughtful old man depicted here? Let's not get carried away.