Are you ready for some football? No? Then how about some seafood? Many years ago, tailgate fascists made an unsuccessful bid to squash the spirits of tailgating men and women across the tri-state area with their Draconian rules. But today, an even greater trend enemy is threatening tailgaters: gourmet grillers.

A new Weber Tailgating Study reveals that nearly fifty percent of tailgaters are no longer satisfied with the standard tailgating fare, such as burgers, hot dogs, chicken. One in five now consider themselves gourmet grillers, with the nerve to cook fish, seafood and vegetables! While basic tailgaters spend an average of $106 per tailgate, gourmet grillers spend $165 per tailgate.

You'll have a chance to have your own basic or gourmet tailgating party at the new Meadowlands this Sunday, when the Giants season kicks off vs. the Panthers, or Monday night, when the Jets host the Ravens. Other differences between gourmet and basic grillers: gourmet grillers favor more specialized grilling accessories such as skewers, wood chips and meat thermometers; they feed an average of 20 people, compared with the basic griller's gathering of about 14; and there is no gourmet griller named Rex Ryan.