snooth.jpgProbably the best way we can describe Snooth, a unique wine database that recently launched online, would be if the illegitimate web-child of Google and Facebook went to wine school. Or, more simply, it’s a ridiculously large database of wine that allows you to do really cool things and share it with your friends.

Technically, Snooth is a self-described, “web based social shopping experience that is simplifying how people select, interact with and purchase their favorite wines” That’s marketing speak for a useful tool that will make buying wine a whole lot easier. The way Snooth simplifies the process is it allows you to search for wine the way you drink wine. For example you can search by food pairing (e.g., goes well with thai food) or by the style of the wine (e.g., fruity with soft tannins) or you can search by producer – getting stats and ratings on thousands of wines. Many of the wines can then be purchased online from one of their partners. Currently Snooth has over 1,000 partnerships ranging from, to Sam’s Wines to K&L Wine Merchants. And if the wine turns out to be kind of delicious you can share it with your friends who are also registered on Snooth.

Searching for wine the way you drink wine is a simple concept but is often counter to the way most wine stores and wine lists are set up. Any site that makes navigating the often tricky and tumultuous world of wine a little easier is definitely worth a visit. Who knows, it could even develop into a beautiful co-dependent relationship.