Campbell Apartment in 2015. (Lee Towndrow/Gothamist)

It was just announced that The Campbell will be opening in May in the old Campbell Apartment space inside Grand Central Terminal. This announcement comes nearly one year after the longtime proprietor of the spot was ousted. The new owners at Gerber Group have released this statement along with the opening date:

This May, Gerber Group will open The Campbell, an iconic New York institution located in Grand Central Terminal. Thoughtfully restored to its original grandeur, the restoration maintains the integrity of the property’s historic architecture while introducing contemporary design elements, together creating a refined yet approachable atmosphere.

The Campbell will provide three unique property experiences and showcase many of the thirteenth century Florentine-inspired design intricacies that gave John W. Campbell’s private office and reception hall its legendary allure. Gerber Group’s selection of classic and modern cocktails, that highlight fresh ingredients, wines and locally brewed craft beers, will be complemented by a menu of elevated bar fare and lunch specialties, including small plates, soups, salads and sandwiches.

Campbell's office, 1923. (Photo courtesy of the Museum of the City of New York, X2010.7.2.24894)

What started out as an office space for John W. Campbell in 1923 has been everything from a private entertainment hall for Campbell and his friends to a jail to a supply room. It wasn't until the late 1990s that its old glamour was revived, thanks to Mark Grossich who spent $2.5 million on restoring the space. When news of new ownership was announced last April, Grossich sued the MTA and "temporarily staved off eviction," but eventually had to vacate. Grossich's lawyer called the bidding process "illegal and unfair."

On July 25th, 2016, we submitted a FOIL request to the MTA asking for all records of communication between the MTA and Scott Gerber and/or the Gerber Group (including agents and lawyers) pertaining to the Campbell Apartment space. We have still not received the information eight months later. In February of 2017, the MTA's paralegal Ann Cutler wrote:

Dear Ms. Carlson,

This is to advise you that I am diligently working on providing a response to your FOIL request for documents pertaining to the Campbell Apartment.

As previously indicated, retrieving emails is a very time-consuming effort and I am doing my best to review documents and provide a response to you.

Additional time is needed to respond. I hope to be able to respond within an additional twenty (20) business days.

Thank you for your patience.

Here is a history of the space along with photos from the inside over the years.