The Museum of Ice Cream is a thing, and it is opening in the Meatpacking District for just a month starting July 29th. What is the Museum of Ice Cream, you ask? Well, it appears to be basically a frozen dessert fanatic's fantasy, complete with edible balloons, an immersive chocolate room, a "collaborative" massive ice cream sundae, and a swimmable rainbow sprinkle pool. And it might just be the closest you ever come to realizing that childhood dream of visiting Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

The museum will pop up at 100 Gansevoort Street, and describes itself as a "lick-able, likeable, shareable ice cream-centric experience." Maryellis Bunn, one of the museum's cofounders, told Eater that it'll be a place where everyone can celebrate "their own ice cream story," and that the sprinkle pool—which, it's worth noting, disappointingly won't be made of real sprinkles—was a childhood fantasy of hers that she couldn't find anywhere despite "several iterations and constant searching throughout the world," so she decided to just make it herself.

Perhaps second-most enticing to the sprinkle pool will be the Future Food Studio, where guests can taste ice cream created by food futurist Dr. Irwin Adam. And the "scoop of the week" tasting, included in admissions tickets, will feature ice creams from Black Tap (of internet-breaking milkshake fame), OddFellows, and other staples of the city's ice cream scene.

Tinder is also sponsoring an exhibit, because, why not? Dates can swing on an "ice cream sandwich made for two," seesaw on an "ice cream scooper," and find their flavor "match" in Tinder Land, which sounds like either a dream come true or an absolute nightmare, depending on your interpretation.

The museum opens July 29th, and will be putting visitors into sugar comas until August 31st. It's open six days a week—every day but Tuesday—from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. (except on Sundays, when it'll stop scooping at 8 p.m.). Tickets are $18 for one adult and $30 for two, but kids under 10 and senior citizens can get in for $10. You can reserve your tickets online.