manhattanmilk.jpgWith Earth Day coming up tomorrow, it's a good time to think about greening up your life. Enter: Manhattan Milk; the company delivers farm fresh, organic milk straight to your you don't have to walk 10 feet to the corner bodega.

Sure, the idea has an old school charm to it, but it's the milk itself that's enticing -- it comes from "pasture roaming, free-grazing cows," and is produced with "no antibiotics, no added growth hormones and no dangerous pesticides." The whole dairy section of the food pyramid is provided by this present-day milkman as well -- along with your skim, 1%, whole and chocolate milk, the company also offers cheese, eggs and yogurt.

While Manhattan Milk is on an eco-friendly mission, using recyclable bottles (free of charge), the delivery method itself isn't very green. The milkmen have their own trucks, presumably refrigerated to keep the product at its freshest -- but New Yorkers are used to consuming milk that has stood unrefrigerated for a questionable amount of time. So, until Green Bottle is available at every bodega, or bike delivery is possible -- which is the lesser of the two evils?: Plastic composite milk cartons which don't biodegrade for 5 years (or plastic which never biodegrades), or having a truck releasing carbon dioxide emissions deliver your dairy? [via Daily Candy]