Among the (surprisingly many) places Dr. Craig Spencer—the first person in NYC to be infected with Ebola—visited this past week, The Gutter has been cleared for the public, the High Line is A-OK, and the L train, well, it's still doing better than certain other lines. But what about beloved meat and ball shop, The Meatball Shop? Well worry not New Yorkers: Mayor Bill de Blasio, First Lady Chirlane McCray and Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett visited the Greenwich Avenue location today to give it the all-clear by devouring some meatballs.

Here's some exclusive footage from the meal:

As if anyone really needs a flimsy excuse—like a potential global epidemic—to visit The Meatball Shop! Check out some hot, spicy takes on the mayor's lunch:

Ooh, tell us more pool report, tell us more.

The trip looked at the menu some more and [restaurant owner Daniel] Holzman began to take orders. When Bassett said she wanted the spicy pork, de Blasio exclaimed “Dr. Bassett!” To which she replied, “What’s wrong with pork?”

Is it getting spicy meat sauce in here, or is that just us?

De Blasio said [he] thought he would eat some vegetarian dish instead, while she said she liked pork and even had the occasional soda. McCray said she wanted the veggie balls and there was a brief discussion over which sauce to get: spicy meat? Pesto? Something else? She was asked if she was a straight vegetarian, and she is not, so she didn’t mind some meat in the sauce.

...Go on...

But as they were still debating the menu, three meatballs suddenly appeared, sent from the kitchen: 1) Chicken with spicy tomato sauce

2) Pork with mushroom sauce

3) Veggie with pesto sauce

Mama mia, someone hose us down.

And there's more.

However, it was then relayed that the pesto sauce and the veggie balls contain walnuts. McCray said she had a nut allergy, which led de Blasio to take Holzman by the arm and offer some advice: “My only health tip is to make that clearer on the menu,” the mayor said. Holzman said “I agree,” to which de Blasio replied “Good man.” The trio then dug into the meatballs. And, yes, Bill de Blasio used a fork.

Nut tragedy narrowly avoided, the de Blasios left the meatballtarium sated and (presumably) Ebola-free. Sheesh, we bet Putin doesn't have to put up with this sort of stuff.