The McRib sandwich (drunk Diane Sawyer loves 'em!) is returning "just in time for the holiday season," and McDonald's says it's their "ultimate gift for New Yorkers" (and the rest of America, as they'll be available nationwide).

The sandwich seems to have a cult following that has held up even after news came out that the 500-calorie sandwich doesn't actually contain any rib. Let us remind you of what is in this thing: "restructured meat product," 980 mg of salt, pig innards (tripe, heart, and scalded stomach), and "a flour-bleaching agent used to make the soles of shoes... and foamed plastics like gym mats," along with 70 other ingredients. At least one of our staffers found it "enjoyable nonetheless" during our taste test last year.

But shhhhhh, forget all that and focus on the McDonald's spin: "The McRib is famous for its unforgettable taste and signature tangy McRib barbeque sauce, boneless pork patty, fresh slivered onions, dill pickles and toasted home-style bun." Just read that a few times and forget allllll about that other stuff.

P.S. Less than two months until Shamrock Shake Season!