Welcome to the Lunch Quadrant, where we offer you four lunch options (two standing, two sitting) by a given subway stop. Last week we ate around Penn Station, a tricky place to eat well if ever there was one, and so this week we thought we'd look at the other end of the spectrum: Grand Central Terminal. Where Penn Station is dark and ugly, Grand Central is soaring and, well, grand. And where Penn Station has a poor selection of good food to eat, Grand Central and its lovely food court has the opposite problem. For the sake of simplicity we narrowed our list down to just spots inside the terminal (so, for instance, that's why you don't see La Fonda de la Sol) and even then we had trouble narrowing the options down to just four. Prefer Brother Jimmy's or Junior's to one of our picks? We totally understand why you might be miffed—let it out in the comments!

Got a spot by a stop you want us to highlight, or a station you want Quadrent-ed? Shoot us a line at tips@gothamist.com.