Jay Shaffer and left behind nightie; Photo - Daily NewsEveryone has left something behind at a restaurant: Doggie bag of leftovers, shopping bag, cell phone...but usually the forgetful remember and will retrieve their wares. The Daily News looks at some unclaimed and, frankly, bizarre items left behind at city restaurants. Lots of coats are forgetten, leading restaurants to donate them to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. But the most interesting combination is at Shaffer City Oyster Bar & Grill: A worn full-length green negligee left with a furry, panda-shaped bag. Owner-chef Jay Shaffer says, "It's not incredibly sexy, but I wouldn't kick a girl out of bed for wearing it." He also feels the negligee-panda purse left together is "kind of kinky."

Tavern on the Green: General manager Allan Kurtz says the many unclaimed items are "Shoes and, er, undergarments." And the company Christmas parties at ToG are hot - one year, many panties were found the next day. Kurtz muses, "You've got to wonder what went on after the party. Don't they realize something is missing on their way out the door?"
Le Perigord: Rossignol ski boots (2 pairs)
Lupa: Children's golf clubs
Pearl Oyster Bar: Backpack of drugs and rolling paper (later claimed)

Gothamist's panda purse is beaded, not furry. Phew - we were worried there for a moment.