There is a Grilled Cheese Martini awaiting you in the Flatiron District. Sadly, we are unable to head over there ourselves at the moment to taste it, but Beecher's has created the ultimate in gimmick-tinis. The $15 drink is sold at their cocktail lounge, The Cellar, but you don't find it on the menu, you just have to know.

According to the Daily Meal, "the vodka has literally been infused with a grilled cheese sandwich (using Beecher's signature cheese, of course)." The vodka sits with the freshly made grilled cheeses for 24 hours, and is then poured over a tomato juice ice cube—the brave imbiber will also taste hints of basil. To top it all off, there's a balsamic reduction on the rim, along with crispy prosciutto.

So, would you hit it? We took an office poll, and here were the mostly non-committal answers:

  • "Um YES, but I am a huge grilled cheese fan."
  • "NO"
  • "I'd probably try it—but I'm more of a fruity drink girl. I'd want a sip, not a whole one."
  • "I would not hit it."
  • "I hate to say it, because I always love a grilled cheese, but no."
  • "I'd try a sip, but not sure I'd commit."
  • "I wouldn't. I might sip someone's."
  • "I would never order it, but if someone bought it for me... sure, I would give it a shot."
  • "As a morning drink after a long night of drinking. Sure."
  • "For $15 I'll make my own damn grilled cheese and pour vodka over it."

We're awaiting an official photo straight from The Cellar, and will update when we receive.