Until offices begin installing intravenous stations, working stiffs will be forced to get their afternoon doses of caffeine the old fashioned way: forcing interns on coffee runs. That may change soon thanks to a Queens company whose coffee-by-keg delivery service has become a big hit with high energy offices around the city. Started by three brothers, Joyride Coffee Distributors delivers 5-gallon kegs of concentrated cold brew—among other caffeine-based offerings—to offices so workers can just hit the taps whenever they're in need of a pick-me-up. Now there's no need to ever leave the office!

The company partners with roasters including Counter Culture, Blue Bottle and Stumptown to provide beans for their products, which also include traditional hot coffee carafes for daily brewing. The cold brew, which should be diluted with water before consumption (ha), provides 320 servings of iced coffee, or enough to caffeinate an office that consumes more than 32 servings of iced coffee per day. We'd give Gothamist staffers about 24 hours to kill that bad boy.

The company has grown rapidly in the past year—going from five employees to 15—and recently expanded to San Francisco. It's all part of a booming coffee culture that includes everything from crappy k-cups to haute lattes to coffee subscriptions for the ultimate caffeine addict.