19August2006Teresas.jpgThe only thing better than a tasty slice of pizza on a warm summer day in New York City is a tasty slice of pizza and a squeeze cup full of Italian ice. It’s been a grand culinary tradition in this town for generations: pizza and a frozen treat.

Uncle Louie G’s cream ices are never more than a block away from a pizza parlor. Ralph’s Italian Ices is strategically located across the street from Denino’s Pizzeria in Port Richmond, Staten Island. L&B Spumoni Garden actually has a spumoni window right next to its pizza window, and the lines are usually comparable.

So it’s fitting that Louie and Ernie’s, one the city’s premier slice joints, pratically shares a wall with Teresa’s Gourmet Italian Ices and Cafe, purveyors of some of the finest Italian ices in the city. Deep in the residential neighborhood of Pelham Bay in the heart of The Bronx, Louie and Ernie’s makes pizza in the basement of an old split-level white frame house. Their smashed meatball slice is unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. Their fried calzones are the stuff of legend. And their chunk sausage slice must be the most delicious sausage slice in the whole city if not the world.


Next door, Teresa’s boasts forty flavors of homemade Italian ices to compliment their neighbor’s array of Italian delights. Yesterday, I took a couple of adventurous souls on a tour of the Italian foods of The Bronx, and we stopped in for Italian ices after our sausage slice. We all went with the classic lemon flavor, and we were all pleased. Not as creamy as an ice from Uncle Louie G’s, not as cakey as a spumoni from Spumoni Garden, Teresa’s tart, refreshing Italian ice was a perfect palate-cleanser before we headed on to Arthur Avenue.

The steaming hot pizza along with the steaming cold Italian ice was a genuine treat. But in a couple short months, the weather will make this delicacy seem a little less appealing. So in the waning days of what was the hottest summer in recorded history, make sure to grab a slice and an ice.


Teresa's Gourmet Italian Ices, 1298 Crosby Avenue, The Bronx, 718-828-4002
Louie and Ernie's, 1300 Crosby Avenue, The Bronx, 718-829-6230