Get ready to open your mind to a new culinary experience. Prepare yourself to take a trip to a neighborhood that the subway doesn’t reach for a treat you’ve never tried. Don’t you think it’s about time you tasted a frozen, chocolate-covered mini key lime pie on a stick? I do.


The streets of Red Hook, Brooklyn are practically bustling these days. The massive new Fairway Supermarket has opened its doors, traffic can seen bumping along the once desolate cobblestones, and yellow cabs (including mine) cruise the streets with increasing frequency.

So if the smell of salt water and the breeze off New York harbor isn’t reason enough for a journey under the Gowanus Expressway to Red Hook, maybe a piesicle is. Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies can be found in a civil war era warehouse on the waterfront just beyond a sign that reads “Pies Here.” Their specialty is, naturally, fresh made key lime pies.

But they don’t sell pie by the slice, so during the sticky summer days to come, the thing to order is the chocolate-dipped piesicle. This unique delicacy is served out of the freezer as a whole miniature pie, complete with a round crust of Graham crumbs and smooth key lime filling. And it isn’t rock hard like that Frozefruit bar the vendors sell in the park. On a hot day, this tasty, tart treat coated in a crunchy frozen chocolate shell could be more refreshing than a snow cone or an Italian ice.


We have loved our hot apple pie for centuries. So maybe this summer we can make room in our hearts for key lime piesicles.

Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie, Pier 41 Red Hook Brooklyn 888-450-5463