2006_08_food_fcpizza1.jpgNew Yorkers tend to get themselves riled up about certain things. A tourist stops short walking in front of you to look at the lights in Times Square? Fly into a rage and curse all residents of the Midwestern United States. The price of a bleacher seat at The Stadium goes up another dollar? Work yourself into a tizzy complaining about Steinbrenner’s boundless greed. Can’t catch a cab? It’s an international Jewish conspiracy.

One subject that always seems to make New Yorkers’ blood boil is pizza. When I drive my yellow cab, I’m constantly asking my fares where they eat. And pizza is often in the forefront of their thoughts on food in this town.

I found it very curious that my Bronx fares never suggested that I go to a pizza parlor in the Belmont section of the borough. Arthur Avenue is renowned as the home to some of the tastiest, most authentic Italian food in the whole city. Yet multiple fares told me to avoid Full Moon Pizzeria on Arthur Avenue and 187th Street. I heard that it wasn’t as good as it used to be. I heard that it was a shell of its former self. I heard that there were a dozen other pizzerias in The Bronx that make a better slice.

And then one Bronx-bound fare told me Full Moon was his favorite slice in New York City, and he was no pizza novice. He displayed impressive pizza knowledge, and he claimed that he had searched every borough. So I gave it a try.


For a slice joint, the pizza was fairly high quality. The pie from which my slices were taken was fresh out of the oven. The sauce was adequate. The cheese was laid on thicker than at any pizzeria I’ve tried in New York (which may not be your taste, but it certainly makes you feel like you’re getting a lot for your money). And the cornmeal crust, everything a Two Boots crust is trying to achieve but isn’t, was delicious.


I can’t say it was my favorite slice in the entire city, but I was thoroughly impressed. Maybe Full Moon used to be better. And maybe I would be furious if I used to love it, and I'd convinced myself that the quality had gone downhill. But this was my first time at Full Moon, and I am a content New Yorker with no complaints.

Full Moon Pizzeria, 600 E 187th Street, The Bronx, 718-584-3451