Beloved West Village cafe The Grey Dog has reopened in the neighborhood, nearly two and a half years after it was forced out of its Carmine Street flagship space in 2011 due to a landlord dispute.

The new space, which opened on Wednesday, is located at 49 Carmine Street, just half a block from the original 33 Carmine Street spot. We spoke with manager Paul Travisano today, who told us the cafe has been packed since the opening. "It's our first brunch today and we're full," said Travisano. "It's been, not a surprising outcome, the neighborhood's been waiting for it. A lot of people have been coming in saying, 'Oh thank God you're back,' since we've been gone for two years."

The Carmine Street Grey Dog was a popular standby during its 14-year-run; when we spoke with co-owner David Ethan in 2007, he described the eatery as "one of the few truly bohemian places left in New York City," noting that, "everybody seems to be able to hone in on something that reminds them of their childhood or their college years—it reminds me of a place in Wisconsin, it reminds me of a place in Utah—everybody seems to have a place, so it's not just isolated to one part of the world. We seem to remind everybody of some comfortable spot in their lives. Maybe that's why they come back."

The Grey Dog has three other locations in Manhattan; 90 University Place in Greenwich Village, 242 West 16th Street in Chelsea and 244 Mulberry Street in Nolita. All four locations feature the same menu.